So what’s the show really about?

The Häxan Curse touches many areas of art & performance, but underlying the witches, electro rock music and candelabras are some very significant themes. To say the nature of the show is experimental or radical is perhaps only telling half the tale. Although a black comedy in style, the storyline of the show seeks to reveal some very serious truths about modern society. These include:

  • Gender inequality: currently a very serious issue in even our so-called first world nation of Australia. Looking at ‘witches’ in the middle ages, their plight was also a struggle against masculine control.
  • Mass consumer culture: that eternally feeds us products and information, is by and large, not even seen as having an influence on many, who mindlessly digest their (not so) fair share.
  • Ageing: current feelings towards growing older in a western society which is obsessed with youth, and consequently our treatment of our elderly.
  • Trends and the media: which shape our perceptions of the world and ourselves, yet many believe they are ‘individual’ and somehow free to be as they choose.

The Häxan Curse operates on many levels. Those who come expecting just a film and some sounds will surely be very surprised.

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